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This is an independent forum for landlords, sellers, buyers, agents and developers on renting, buying and selling properties. Before posting on this forum, we recommend that you glance through some useful information on the TPN website. Another option is to follow our blog, as Michelle Dickens, MD of TPN shares her advice and insights into the rental property market.

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Rental Forum


Discussions relating to property rental
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2017/10/15 07:31 AM - tbblah

"Tenant from Hell" Stories

Stories which will frighten even the most hardened agent.
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RentBay Requests

Requests from tenants for accomodation via the RentBay website.
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2015/08/08 08:15 AM - Marc Lunau

Tenant Profile Network


Anouncements about software and services that TPN offers are made here
Latest post
2017/04/28 09:18 PM - Marc Lunau


Request new developments or support on the TPN system
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2017/01/27 08:52 AM - TPNLegal

Michelle's Blog

A summary of articles which Michelle has published in her rental blog
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2017/05/03 08:49 PM - Marc Lunau

Real Estate Jobs

Jobs Available

Jobs which are available in the real estate industry
Latest post
2016/06/03 04:10 PM - paulineb

Jobs Wanted

Post your information here if you are looking for a job
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2012/10/16 12:43 PM - Margaret

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