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2017/01/25 07:05:12 PM

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Please could I get urgent advice

My husband and I are currently renting a flat in Johannesburg. This is our second year staying there and recently we signed another one year lease. We currently have a major flooding problem as the carport that was built by the landlord was incorrectly built and everytine it rains the water comes underneath my door and floods my lounge. I took this up with the attorneys who in turn took this up with the landlord.. after countless emails and unanswered phone calls I sent an email suggesting I get the problem fixed and take it off the monthly rental. Now the landlord decided to respnd to me and we had a major fall out as he was insisting that someone will come see to it when they are not busy.. however in the meantime my flat keeps flooding and I was very scared that the electrical will get water damage as well as my furniture. He then sent me an email stating that he is giving me one month to vacate the premises. We have never defaulted on rentals or paid late or short .. none of our neighbors have a problem with us either. Is it possible for a landlord to evict a tenant without grounds and based on the above? What steps do I take to get through this?

Will appreciate an urgent response

2017/01/27 08:52:45 AM

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Good morning Aamirah,

There are very limited instances where a landlord may give a tenant notice to vacate as the tenant is protected by various legislation as well as the need for procedure to be followed in some of the above instances.

I would need more in depth information to speak specifically to your case though.

If you could send an e-mail to with a contact number we could call you and I would possibly be able to give you more detailed information.


TPN Legal


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