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Discussions relating to property rental

Is landlord entitled to claim rental?

from MJ

Interest on late rent payments

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Rental agent threatening to take my deposit

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Landlord signing the lease before tenant moves

from Esmeralda P

Lease Cancellation

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Rental Agent Fees

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Rental increase from utilities increase,post rent?

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Information on Payprop

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Joint Tenant Parties

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Installing Pre-Paid electricity meter

from JaninePeck

Credit check on Zimbabwean passport

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Rental Deposit

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finalize contract

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Automatic continuation of lease period

from Aslam

How to recover agents commission from early termin

from AB217

Utility responsibility when renting in a simplex

from Clio

Dishonest Landlord

from ANESH

Tenant wanting to go legal

from sverma01

Undisclosed "Utility Costs" and no Lease Agreement

from MaPasi

Tenant defaulting on court order for payment

from IRATE
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