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"Tenant from Hell" Stories

Stories which will frighten even the most hardened agent.

Tenant threatening squatter rights

from Pereira03

Taking Estate Agent to Court

from kiki2012

Tenant not paying debt

from Peter

Unreachable / non-cooperative tenant

from TheBadger

Professional evictions done

12 | from Clinton Ungerer

How to evict a sub-let

from Nestor

Ex-Tenant possessions still at property - Urgent

from IAP132

Tenant refuses to move out after lease expired

from waycryss

"Landlord from Hell" Stories

from Brutius

Tenant steals inspection checklist, threatens us

from Elgee

Tenant refuses to vacate nor pay Rental

from GarthS8

Lease cancellation issues

from bradley

Tenant on drugs caused malicious damage

from AnnieT

Former tenant owes money - is it worth chasing?

from Mushi

Tenant from Hell with fabricated lease

from quakesh

Extra tenant now living in flat

from CPSL

Interest on security deposit

from Mushi

Issues in buying residential property?

from jackdawson

Issues in starting new business.

from jackdawson


from Crispybacon